Thursday, December 01, 2016

MIDI to 1V Per 8ve CV and Gate Max for Live Device

A basic Max for Live device that can be combined with a Teensy and one or more MCP4922 DAC chips. MIDI notes are converted to 12-bit data that represents a voltage range of 0 - 5V, at a rate of 1V per octave. Pitchbend is mapped, too, with a user defined range. Note-ons and offs trigger gate events. The note length can be left 'as-is' or set as a predefined length.

Very rough demo shown below, using a Teensy 2.0, one MCP4922, gate output and pitch CV output controlling a Moog Mother-32.

Download this device here:

MIDI to MCP4922 DAC CV and Gate / Trigger

I've added CV as well as Gate / Trigger output to the Octo DAC setup. Note-on events will trigger a gate on, while note-off events will trigger a gate-off. The eight DAC outputs remain the same. Each gate output has a dedicated digital pin on the Teensy 2.0.

Download the code here:

Tuesday, November 29, 2016

MIDI-Controlled 12-Bit Octo DAC

Download the code here:

Walls of Wollongong

Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Ableton Link Comes to Cycling 74 Max

Available now in the Max Package Manager. The Link Package allows for synchronisation between apps and over networks between apps that support Ableton Link. Great stuff!