Monday, March 06, 2006

Mac max/msp patches on windows... what a pain!

So, I went over to Damo's place yesterday afternoon. Partly to give back his g4 laptop (what a bargain!) but also to try out my light-to-midi max patch/ app/ whatever. I thought it would be a walk-in-walk-out type scenario.

Oh boy was it a headache! In the end, the program had to be modded to include variable frequency for the control signal, from 10Hz to 80Hz (earlier it was just 10Hz). The windows machines (both that we tried on) had huge trouble dealing with the 10Hz signal in any reasonable way... although I should have thought of this in the first place... anywho, now I have a standalone .exe for the patch, so that is a good thing, too.

Thanks for all your time and help yesterday, Damian- I owe you one!