Sunday, April 09, 2006

Gear review: VecFlash

Richard Hutchinson's VecFlash is without a doubt a must-have accessory for all Vectrex owners. This product allows the Vectrex user to upload up to fifteen games (in the form of ROM .bin images) at one time, with non-volatile memory, giving a player the chance to try all of the classic and many of the modern games in the Vec's ever-growing library of titles.

At roughly 35% more in price than a standard (non-user uploadable) 36-in-1 Vectrex Multicart, the VecFlash is most certainly worth the money, since the cart's ROM images can be removed and new ones added as the user sees fit. The upload process is simple but transference to the VecFlash is not instant (as is to be expected, of course). The thing to remember (at least with my setup) is to plug in the VecFlash to the Vectrex and connect the VecFlash to the PC before turning the latter on, but to turn the Vectrex on after booting up the uploading program.

The VecFlash comes with its own serial port to three ring 3.5mm plug. Other features include an easy-to-use program uploader for Windows 95-XP and a menu driven interface for the Vectrex, both written by Alex Herbert. This is opposed to using jumper leads to select games, as found on some of the standard multicarts. There is also no need to be turning the console off and on to select another title- only a reset is necessary.

Richard Hutchinson, I take my hat off to you. Congratulations on creating such a useful and easy-to-use product.


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