Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Gameboy comparison

There is often a bit of talk on the lsdj lists comparing gameboys of both the same model and between different models. Much of this discussions revolves around the different characteristics of the wave channel. So today I have compared my own gameboys. Click here to listen. It is recommended to be listened to using headphones. The audio samples have not been tampered with besides the process of normalisation. Differences include: different levels of background noise, different types of background hum in terms of frequency and bandwidth, the amount of distortion heard on the actual wave channel samples when they are being played back, the type of distortion on the wave channel samples and the frequency response of the gameboy.

The gameboys in the mp3 are in the following order:
  • gameboy (original): "Secret Handshake" GH2978412
  • gameboy (original): "Palbert" G05023962
  • gameboy (original): "-" G18482856
  • gameboy (original):"Pampo" G29701489
  • gameboy (original): "-" -
  • gameboy color (translucent purple): C18584851
  • gameboy color (solid turqoise): "Rainbow" -
  • gameboy advance sp (silver): "-" XAH 10967455
Recorded whilst running lsdj 3.5.1.


Tyrell Blackburn said...

It's interesting to hear the difference in background noise and quality of sound between the different grey gameboys. This is the first time I've actually heard the difference between different models, very interesting.

Sebastian Tomczak said...

really, i should get around to doing a prosound mod on a color, and hear the difference. i guess that is the next step...