Saturday, March 03, 2007


I've put together a compilation cartridge with all the tracks Lauren and i will be working on for the hidden village show in a week and a half. This has been done with the java program LSDManager (by Kotlinksi).

Wow! I have used it before, if only to test it out - but it is a fantastic idea with great results. What you can do is take songs from an lsdj sram save file (.sav) and export them as individual files (.lsdsng). Individual songs can then be recombined in different orders etc to make up a new .sav, which can be flashed onto a cart.


Anonymous said...

Great little app, but i would like to go further with it : extract a song file (.lsdsng) from the .sav file, then edit it, by hand !

But the lsdsng file is compressed ...
Hope someone will decode those files