Friday, March 16, 2007

Mildura show video

I have uploaded a video with a 'cross section' of our show from last night. Check it out here. They also played some of our music on the local ABC rural radio and had a small article about us in the Sunraysia Times.

Overall it was a really good trip. Apart from the fact that my phone got run over by a semi-trailer.

You can see below a picture of our stage setup. Even with running the old grey gameboy on a nintendo power supply, there was not too much noise (i used a little bit of eq to get rid of a lot of it). I had to use the ds lite in the end, because the headphone adaptor on my gba sp has given up the ghost - it only plays on the left channel reliably now.


Martin said...

Now I understand why you're not replying to my txt msgs ;)
Thanks for posting the link to the vid.

Sebastian Tomczak said...

Yeah, sorry for not answering your SMS!!

Hope you thought the vid was okay.