Thursday, April 26, 2007

18X: Single multi-state send

Another video. This is number three in an "ongoing series" ;P about sending data to the picaxe. First there was a single bit transmission, then nine bit. This one features a single multi-state transition being sent to the microcontroller.

"This movie shows two things based on the concept of sending a single multi-state transition to the picaxe 18x.

a. the control of four independent events. LED's in this case. the keyboard keys Q, W, E and R are mapped to toggle the four outputs of the picaxe on and off.

b. the control of eight co-dependent events. Notes in a sequence in this case. It is a mono sequencer with 16 steps. The pitch values of the notes are set as constant numbers in the picaxe program."

Duration: 1:46


Tristan Louth-Robins said...

You know, I'm only just starting to cotton on to how you're actually doing this - I never read manuals, and gloss over equations/theory,etc. - but it's starting to look/sound very cool. :)

Sebastian Tomczak said...


Manuals are for suckers. Real men don't need em. ;)

i am in sydney at the moment. will be back on tuesday.