Wednesday, May 02, 2007

The full eight bits...

Since I had a bit more free time, i turned the 4 and 5 bit outputs (seen in the previous post) into an 8 bit output by using more resistors. I made a video demonstrating this by having the 18X sample on one of its analog inputs an audio signal. This data then sets the pins on the output. The effect sounds like a ring mod and a bitcrusher:

"Shows an example of an 8 bit R2R network in place on the outputs of a picaxe 18X.

It's very simple. The guitar is boosted by the preamp pedal. This signal is then fed into one of the analog inputs on the picaxe 18X. This value then sets the state of the R2R "network", which is connected directly to the computer speakers and the oscilloscope. The R2R network is made up of 5% accuracy resistors, so this could cause some noise issues as well maybe.

Anyway, it sounds sort of like a ring mode and a bitcrusher effect put together. I like the sound of the harmonics."

Watch the video here:
Length is 1:15

Below you can also see pics of 8 bit noise and triangle waves. Yep. This is what i do on my nights off. Really, there's no point to any of this stuff, but you know, it's actually heaps of fun...