Tuesday, May 08, 2007

This Is Not Gourmet: Simple Vegetarian Food

Lauren and i are starting a blog together showing some tasty food things that we make sometimes. Stay tuned for delciousness!

URL: http://thisisnotgourmet.blogspot.com/


Tristan Louth-Robins said...

It looks rather gourmet to me ... I think you're being very modest.

Sebastian Tomczak said...

My defn of gourmet is something that is time consuming and difficult to make, using expensive and perhaps difficult to get ingredients.

The dish "Pizza Stew" does not follow any of the above criteria. Just look at the name! It's "Pizza Stew".

Just some stuff we had lying around that we chucked together. I am big on flour / water flatbread.

Tristan Louth-Robins said...

Ah! Despite it's title it is very deceptive isn't it? Looks splendiferous! Speaking of flatbread I can suggest doing a pan-fry with cumin and cinnomen - it's great! it's cheap! Hmmmm...maybe I should be naughty and set-up my own recipe site... I could call it: "something tasty and beige".

Sebastian Tomczak said...

sounds nice!