Saturday, June 23, 2007

Post ACMC07 roundup

Poppi Doser, Derek Pascoe, Luke Harrald and myself drove home from Canberra and arrived this morning at 1.30am. Feeling quite inspired on the way home, i reflected on the highlights of this years conference for me. Thanks to the hard work by all the Canberra crew involved in making the conference a success.

Tuesday 19th June.
I was in sound check for a while, so i missed Warren's keynote presentation and Alex Thorogood's paper presentation - both of which i had been looking forward to. Nonetheless, it was good to meet Alex (whose blog i have been flicking through of late).

I thoroughly enjoyed Danielle Wilde's hipDisk presentation. This quirky musical interface certainly has a charm to it, due to its simplicity and comical nature.

I liked Sonia Wilkie's piece Coagulate. It was to the point and concise. I also got into what I heard of Ross Bencina's set at the off-site show (though we arrived late).

Wednesday 20th June.
Andrew Sorensen's artist talk and live coding demonstration were impressive. I had heard of his environment but hadn't had a chance to take a look.

I found Warren's paper presentation on composition using cellular automation to be interesting.

Gordon Monro's Triangular Vibrations was inspirational in its pure approach and clean execution. Well done. I always seem to enjoy his works, and this was no exception.

Thursday 21st June.
The highlight of the whole conference for me was the keynote presentation / performance by Brad Garton and Luke DuBois.