Sunday, June 10, 2007

Standalone MIDI sequencer -> NES

Video URL:
Length: 1:40

A simple single-channel, 8 step standalone step sequencer that is controlling a Nintendo running a MIDINes cart.

I ran out of pots, that is why there are only 8 notes (instead of my desired amount of 16). The pots on the right are the 8 notes. The top right one is note 1, the bottom right one is note 4, the top left one is note 5 and the bottom left one is note 8.

On the left are the pots that control the following functions (from top to bottom):

1. the length of time between two notes
2. the octave
3. the length of a note
4. the length of the loop
5. the duty cycle of the NES' pulse wave

The sequencer always plays in A Aeolian (the white notes on a piano keyboard).

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Arduino said...

So simple, and so cool at the same time :-)

The Arduino Rocks!

~ Marcus

Sebastian Tomczak said...

my point exactly.

site said...

Well, I don't actually think this is likely to have effect.