Monday, July 09, 2007

Broken sword

Yes. It sounds very dramatic, doesn't it? This video features a circuit bent "space sword" which i bought from a discount variety store for AU$2. This was quite fun to do, even though the sword only has one button (and plays one of two sounds in alternation). The cool thing is that the LED lights up and flashes for each press of the button / sound event.



Evil Paul said...

You're squeezing some nice sounds from it, considering it's one of those black blob circuits.

I picked up a toy with the same chip from Go-Lo, in the shape of an axe.

Is the breadboard cct a variation on your sea moss sequencer?

Sebastian Tomczak said...

Hi Evil Paul,
Cool, axe'in it up huh. Let me know how that goes.

Yeah, the breadboard is basically a variation on the stuff from the 'fun with sea moss' page. but using a 4017 and a 4066 as well as the 40106.