Monday, July 30, 2007

More stuff arrives

ISD1510 digital audio recorder

M24C16 eeprom with i2c interface


Paul said...

Black blob!

Sebastian Tomczak said...

is this evil paul? if so, heya, how's it going?

yeah, its a black blob! good times ahoy.

Evil Paul said...

Heya. I just changed my Blogger display name. Things are good, I've just ordered the LadyAda USBtinyISP and also some stuff from Futurlec like a couple of ATtiny2313 chips and a MCP42100.

Evil Paul said...

Oh yeah, did I mention I blogged about breadboarding one of your Sea Moss circuits?

Sebastian Tomczak said...

Oh, well, hello there Evil Paul .

What are you planning on making with the digital pots and the atmels?

Yeah, i have read your blog entry. Nice work!

Im sure i will hear from you again....


Evil Paul said...

I'd like to do something along the lines of the MemPot or something else to pitch control circuit bent stuff. I'm going to try to load the Arduino bootloader onto the particular flavour of ATmega168 that Futurlec sells. I want to make an AlphaPOV
and the SLM hack version of the MiniPOV

Yep, should keep me busy for a little while. :-)