Monday, September 03, 2007

Hidden City (live) in november

Okay, so if you only come to one live show that i am playing at this year, this would be the one to come to.

November 5, @ Coma @ The Wheatsheaf Hotel in Thebarton

Hidden City
Electro Acoustic Free Improvisation

This group consists of:
Luke Harrald: laptop / AI handler
Derek Pascoe: saxophone
Lauren Sutter: electronic hardware devices
Sebastian Tomczak: electronic hardware devices
Stephen Whittington: keyboards

Combining live circuit bending, artificial intelligence, and free
improvisation, “Hidden City” brings together the lo-fi experimental
electronica of Hidden Villiage (Lauren Sutter and Sebastian Tomczak),
the game theory experiments of Luke Harrald, and the instrumental
virtuosity of Derek Pascoe and Stephen Whittington for one night only!
With no one at the helm, except maybe a couple of virtual software
entities, who knows where this musical ride may lead or end. Certainly
we don’t!

(blurb by Luke Harrald)


Tristan Louth-Robins said...

Now that's a pretty good line-up. I look forward to it! I never thought I'd witness the Whitto-machine rocking it out at the Wheatey.

hayley said...

hey Seb,

My thesis is due on the 3rd Nov I think, So i may even be able to fly down to see you for once this year! (if i survive)

and hap hap happy hirthday again for today