Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Vectrex Sound Control Videos, Sounds and Info

You can see a number of videos of controlling the Vectrex sound chip in various ways here as well as listen to a track and read some information. It is all pretty basic stuff at the moment. But a higher degree of control should be reached pretty soon. Stay tuned for more!

Extraction Point [mp3, 3:18]
A track featuring Vectrex accompanied by Gameboy (LSDJ). More information can be read here.

MIDI Controlled Vectrex: Custom Volume Envelopes [video, 1:00]
The sound of a Vectrex videogame console is controlled via MIDI information within ProTools.

In this example, a number of custom volume envelopes are used. The MIDI information contains directions as to when the envelope should change its shape.

MIDI Controlled Vectrex: Simple Drum Sequencing [video, 0:55]
In this example, the MIDI data in ProTools is controlling a voice in the Vectrex sound chip that is set to noise in order to achieve some simple drum sequencing.

Volume envelope data is sent from the computer to the Vectrex as well.

Vectrex Standalone Sound Sequencer [video, 2:17]
A very basic standalone sound sequencer for the Vectrex.

This currently features an eight step sequencer, choice of sequence length (between one and eight steps), sequence speed and a four stage, four bit volume envelope generator.

The potentiometers control all of these features as well as the pitches of the individual steps.
The external hardware is powered by the Vectrex.

Information About the Interface [blog post]
More information regarding the interface so far can be read here.


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