Monday, November 05, 2007

Chip Music Is Dead dot Manifesto

This Chiptorrent compilation should be interesting. I have submitted a track.

"On the 31 of August, 2007, Ignatz posted a manifesto on both the Micromusic-forum and the LSDJ-mailing list where he declared the chip music dead. Why? Because he thought that Teh Mainstream is reaching to grip around the fragile retroneck of chip with it’s laws of consuming that turn everything it touches into shit and effectively kill everything the culture stands for.

This compilation is a reaction to that manifesto. Is chip music and culture truly dead? Is that a good thing? Is Ignatz wrong? Will we be consumed by Mainstream? How can we defend ourself against the “threat”?"

More information here.

(BTW> chipmusic is not dead in my opinion)