Saturday, December 01, 2007

P2CC (Pitch to Continuous Control)

Live has a number of great features, and the ability to quickly and easily map MIDI continuous control data to almost any parameter is one of them. However, it would be nice if it were possible to associate and draw parameter data in separate MIDI clips as one does MIDI notes. This would then separate parameter mapping from a MIDI sequence of clips, giving rise to more possibilities during performance and jamming.

For example say I have a nice drum kit set up as an Impulse instance. I also like the sound of that kit when I change the global pitch on the Impulse sample trigger device. In fact, I would like to draw monophonic notes that correspond with pitch shifts in the Impulse. If I do this in separate clips, I can still keep my pitch changes completely in-sync with my sequence of notes. I can change the sequence of notes but keep the pitch changes the same. I can also edit the pitch changes very quickly and easily on the fly as I would the notes of any other MIDI clip in Live.

The implementation for this is a Max/MSP patch. The patch has the following features
  • Accept input from 16 channels of the same device at the same time
  • Convert note numbers from note on events to CC data
  • Output the CC data to one device across multiple channels
  • Select independent CC numbers for the 16 input channels
  • Scale the data input for the 16 input channels
  • Scale the data output for the 16 input channels
  • Select independent MIDI channel assignments
So yeah. Exactly what one might expect. Works fine with IAC driver bussing.