Tuesday, December 11, 2007

pointScale (update)

I have added a number of features to the pointScale patch.
  • 16 instances (up from 8).
  • Reacts to the amount of red, green and blue that comprises the pixel as well as the grayscale equivalent:
    • The amount of red sets the volume of the square wave component. The more red, the louder the square wave is.
    • The amount of green sets the volume of the white noise component. The more green, the louder the white noise is.
    • The amount of blue sets the volume of the sine wave component. The more blue, the louder the sine wave is.
    • Grayscaled RGB data then set the overall output volume for the three components per pixel per instance at a given frame in time.
  • Individual muting function for unwanted instances (saves computing power).
  • Global muting function for all instances.
  • Global setting of exponential scaling of the volume control function.
  • Global setting of a lower volume threshold, to stop unwanted tones and noise from playing.
  • Global setting of a noise volume linear scale. This adds a stronger sense of correlation between darker colours and softer volumes (corresponding a little more closely with the way in which humans perceive volume).
  • Global volume output meter.
  • Global volume output level control.
  • A colour test section with which to test the effects of various RGB values with settings.