Tuesday, January 29, 2008

At last: Nanoloop 1.0 CD

Finally, i have managed to acquire a Nanoloop 1.0 CD. Highlights include tracks by Merzbow, Felix Kubin and the two by Oliver Wittchow himself.


Snarkattack said...

It's a great CD isn't it? I just managed to get a copy of it myself and I love it. Plus, it has a track by one of my fave electronic music artists (going by the name 'dlay' of agf/dlay).

Sebastian Tomczak said...

Oh yeah, its a great release. I am very glad that I have it!

Anonymous said...


I was curious and just bought the CD on ebay , but don't like the tracks.

That's why I give my CD away for free. Just send me an email with your adress and I'll send it to you.

Gerry (gmb@wtal.de)

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