Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Loop tool "loopo" quick demo

Last night i started working on a looping tool called "loopo". The idea is to take slices from a sound file and loop them in musical lengths (divisions of a quarter note at a predetermined tempo).

Currently, it has the following features:
  • Four voices
  • Pitch ratio of each voice (MIDI note C3 = 1.0)
  • Visual selection of loop starting point based on waveform display
  • LFO to modulate the start and end loop points by a divider or multiplier based on the master tempo
    • The depth of the LFO is given in milliseconds
  • Musical length selection of each loop length (based on the master tempo)
  • Panning for each channel
  • EQ section for each channel

I still need to add support for all these functions via MIDI control so that one may meta-mix a remix.

You can view a quick little demo here: