Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Syncing something to LSDJ (Pt. 1: LED)

What is it?
A simple CMOS circuit appropriately divides the LSDJ sync output so that an LED lights up on odd sixteenths and goes dark on even sixteenths. LSDJ needs to be set to master sync mode.


Demo Video


NAND said...

Hah, this would be cool to fit inside a DMG and have the power LED pulse to the rhythm!

Anonymous said...

Would it be possible to let the led blink on odd 8ths or 4ths? :) This is a really simple mod but would really look nice as a metronome inside a dmg or mgb!

WillyKun said...

I've been looking everywhere for something like this (lsdj master not slave). and i'd also like to know if it can be changed to 8th or 4th. can we change that LED into an audible click? i've seen a DIY metronome but don't know how to join the 2 together.

P.S. i have no idea about electronics.