Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Tomczak Sr / Tomczak Jr

I have been working on various ways of pseudo-sonifying 19 channels of data from a South Australian meteorological / oceanographic buoy into relatively musical-sounding material.

The buoy is a major project that my dad and Miguel Gil Coto have been working on in recent years.

You can hear some preliminary results here:

All 19 channels are used in this example, however some are more subtle than others in terms of how they are controlling musical or instrument parameters. One of the channels is used for rhythmic elements.

The music is completely predetermined and relies completely on the data for rhythmic structure and pitch elements as well as all volume, spatial, envelope and timbral changes.

The majority of channels are normalised and converted into 7 bit MIDI control data. Some channels are routed to more than one control parameter. Four channels generate musical data using changes in the data.

Here is the patch. It is "a little" messy. But hey, it gets the job done.