Monday, March 31, 2008


Tonight i have been working on a simple Max/MSP patch which takes an audio file and converts the samples into integers. The bit depth can be set between 1 and 16. The data is then output as a text file. Might be useful for some.

Download this patch here:

To use it:
• Press the READ button to load in an audio file
• Select the number of samples to convert (starting at the first sample of the file)
• Select the number of bits in the conversion process
• Select GO to proceed with the conversion
• Press STOP to pause and CLEAR to reset the process
• The INDEX field will indicate the sample index progress of the conversion
• Select WRITE TEXT FILE to output the sample conversion as a text file


Anonymous said...

Thanks - very cool!

any chance of a standalone version for those without Max/MSP?

Sebastian Tomczak said...

hmmm, you should be able to run it in one of the Max/MSP environments, which can be downloaded from the cycling74 website...

let me know if it doesn't work.

Anonymous said...

yup works in max.

hope the runtime still works after the demo expires

Sebastian Tomczak said...

Yep the Max/MSP runtime will still work just fine after the demo has expired.

chicko said...

hi man, really nice work! should be a nice alternative to some sample to text convertions out there... btw, how can you resynthisze text to audio in max? it wouldnt be as simple as using sig~, isnt it?