Wednesday, April 30, 2008

ProSound Game Boy

I finally got off my lazy bottom and did the ProSound mod on an old grey. Just the plain internal one, nothing fancy. I personally don't see the point of going to the effort of drilling a second hole and placing a second 3.5mm stereo socket, but that's just me. Surely the most useful five minutes I have ever spent.

It's actually kind of eerie not hearing any noise when I press stop on LSDJ.


Martin said...

I like it - thanks for the sound examples. Is there any guarantee that the over-clocking results in exactly an 8MHz processor?

Sebastian Tomczak said...

Well, I guess its an 8MHz crystal that actually does the clocking, which are pretty precise. I mean, maybe its like 8000001 Hz or something, right?

I don't know, Martin.

Martin said...

I followed the link and it said the clock speeds are 8.388608 MHz. What I wanted to know was whether it runs exactly twice as fast - and it appears that it does. Thanks :)

Sebastian Tomczak said...

Oh yes, its twice as fast if the crystal is an 8.388608 MHz crystal. But DSE only sells 8.00MHz crystals... so, yeah. Mine is _almost_ twice as fast as a result.

Game Boy Australia said...

Wow, you have beed busy Seb.
Make sure you have some gameboys left!

Are you going to start playing live with the pro sound mod?

Sebastian Tomczak said...


How are you?

Yes, busy busy, always busy.

I still have around 20 or 30 gameboys, plenty to play with or hack up!

I am actually hardwiring up a Sync Tank at the moment, but I am taking my time with this :-)