Tuesday, April 08, 2008

VecFlash USB Dev Loader

I have tried out the new development loader for the USB version of VecFlash as sent to me by Richard Hutchinson. This allows the uploading of just one ROM binary to the VecFlash memory, so that no menu system is required. Very handy if one is trying out new Vectrex programs and code on real hardware. The new loader is very quick and works great.

Thanks to Richard Hutchinson for his effort in developing the loader further. The amount of time that he puts into his projects and his willingness to help out people is outside of what I would consider normal -- much appreciated!


Tristan Louth-Robins said...

boo to windows. booooo.

Sebastian Tomczak said...

Well, at least it's good for something!

me me said...

Hi, I would like to thank you tremendously for this incredible Arduino+Max/MSP resources you have provided. Being an architecture student in his last 2wks of his Thesis project I am finding a bunch of the stuff you wrote extremely life-saving.

I had one question - is it possible to combine codes onto one arduino. (I am looking to use the Input Shift In and increasing the digital out pins.) Is it possible to combine them into one code without changing much in your codes. If so can you give any advice on how I could go about that. Otherwise I can use the 2 arduinos that I have - one for input one for output. (I guess the advantage of that would be is that I wouldnt Increase the processing time of the Arduino.

Anyway thanks a million for this incredible resource.


Sebastian Tomczak said...

Hi Stan,
First of all, thanks for you message, I am glad that you are finding some of the stuff a little useful.

So, you would like to shift in using the 4021s and shift out using the 595s? Is this correct? Well, I don't see why one couldn't combine these into one sketch. The two processes are completely exclusive from one another. However, you might have to rename some variables eg. clock pin (because you will have two clock pins now, etc).

Let me know if you would like a hand with this.



me me said...

Hi Tristan,
I would be really interested in knowing which parts of the script need to be changed in order to do this.



Sebastian Tomczak said...

lol, I'm Sebastian. Tristan is this guy. But anyway, I have some time tonight or tomorrow and I will be able to try it out ;-)

me me said...

hahah im so sorry i meant sebastian i just realized i made a mistake. thank you incredibly for all and any help =).

thank you