Thursday, June 05, 2008

Sync Prophet 64 to MIDI Clock

A device which allows the synchronisation of the Prophet 64 cartridge to MIDI clock signals. The Arduino code can be downloaded here.


antonio said...

Hi sebastian
I'm antonio from italy, really nice arduino project.
I write you here for asking if you know a way for easly flash the arduino bootloader on new atmel cip.
I have an arduino board but I need to flash the bootloader for try out new project.
I havent an isp programmer and I'm looking for a simple way for built one.
thankyou and great work

Sebastian Tomczak said...

Hi Antonio,
Thanks for your comment.

A few things to look into maybe:

Or perhaps the easiest thing would be to build a parallel programmer:

And then use this guide to program the bootloader:

I have never had to put my own bootloader onto any ATMega chips before, so good luck with it! I would love to know which solution (if any) you end up using, and how you went with it.

Kind regards,

Sebastian Tomczak
Adelaide, Australia

up:fr_k said...

nice stuff!;)