Thursday, June 19, 2008

Yesterday's Show in Sydney

Glomag, Dot.AY, TTFM&TF, myself and Przewalski's Horse played a little show in Sydney yesterday. And i really do mean little. I played my set using my Sega Master System and of course i had some problems so my set was nowhere near as good as i was hoping for, so a bit of a let down in that respect.

But in general i think it was quite a good night, even if we were really just almost playing to each other for the most part. Hanging out afterwards was nice, and the mix of personalities made for a fun time.

A special thanks to Sonia Wilkie and Lua Deburgh for coming along. Somewhat ironically, Sonia (who lives in Sydney) had to travel longer than i did to get to the gig.


Juan Pablo said...

Hi Sebastian, my name is Juan Pablo LondoƱo and im a colombian student.
I am writting you because, i have seen the Toriton (and amazing gadget) and i decided to talk with you because me, and mi project partners need to ask you for a permission to show it in the science day of our school.
If you can give us the possibility, please, we need too, the diagram of the circuit (if it is not a problem for you).
We are so sorried because we are practically abusing of you, but we contact you because we really need it.
Please, if you see this post, write us to this e-mail or
Sorry again and sorry too for the bad english.
Thank you for your attention.

Sebastian Tomczak said...

I emailed you

Juan Pablo said...


We are so grateful with you for all your help, we are from 11 grade and we expect that it will be an excelent science day in our school.

Congratulations for your excelent blog and posts.

See you, and sorry again for spend your time.

Juan Pablo

Sebastian Tomczak said...

Hi Juan,
Do you need any more help? How is it all going?

I would appreciate it if you sent me some photos perhaps, and maybe which area or school you are from if it all works out.

Glad I could be of help, you're most welcome.

Kind regards,