Saturday, July 19, 2008

Hidden Village Accepts 48hr 8BC Challenge

There is a 48hr Challenge thread on 8BC.

Slorrin (2 January 2008): "On the Prophet 64 forums I used to head a 48 hour challenge. it's like a chain letter. I challenge someone with a phrase, then they write a song with that phrase or idea in mind, in 48 hours, and post it online. Then they challenge someone, and so on.

After 2 weeks, you have 7 songs, you zip them, and release them for free online as an album called "48 hour challenge album !"

and do this over and over.

The idea is to challenge people to do something they would normally never do. Something out of their normal style. Maybe on software they dont' normally use. Someone who you like and think rules, you challenge to do something to help them push their boundaries.

10k (19 July 2008): "I challenge Hidden Village (little-scale & cloud sparrow) to write a song with no percussive sounds, just big phat chords and melody lines. It must go for at least 3 minutes (I suggest people give time restrictions after my effort) and be the title track of your next EP (hint, hint)."

Cloud Sparrow (19 July 2008): "We of hidden village accept this challenge.

We of hidden village will begin at 9AM tomorrow morning."


J. Arcadia said...

Brilliant idea!

Sebastian Tomczak said...

hey justin! hope you are going well. Thanks for the comment, it was heaps of fun to do.

Should do something sometime, eh. When we both have TIME...



J. Arcadia said...

Time? What the hell is that?

I'd love to do something soon. I'm gonna do a solo 'crate soon I reckon

Sebastian Tomczak said...

YOU MUST DO THE SOLO MILKCRATE! It would surely be so cool. Think of some weird constraints!