Sunday, July 13, 2008

Hidden Village at Electrofringe

Lauren and I are presenting, performing and workshopping at this years Electrofringe in Newcastle.

Workshop: 2PM, Friday 3rd October, 2008
Presentation and performance: 1PM, Saturday 4th October, 2008


Evil Paul said...

Yay. Now that I'm in Perth instead of Newcastle, it will take a bit more effort to go, but you've just given me some extra motivation! :)

ijed said...


being forced to go to adelaide for a wedding that weekend and was even thinking of trying to track you down while I'm over there...
Maybe I can break them up so I can get out of it :P

Dorkbot sessions at EF are looking fantastic this year as well with ktronik's speak n spells and atari mayhem + lots of other goodies.
Have fun dude!
*sad panda*

godinpants said...

So basically i went all the way to newcastle for this.

i shouldve stuck around and talked to you because i really liked what you did, i didnt realise you did more than chiptune stuff.

Now to search through your blog for more awesome stuff.