Wednesday, August 27, 2008

ICMC2008 Highlights

Just my personal picks - a number of presentations that i enjoyed. Of particular interest and inspiration was the keynote presentation by Trevor Wishart.

Highlights Day 1 -
Autonomous Development of Singing-like Intonations By Interacting Babbling Robots (Miranda);
The Cyclotron: A Tool for Playing with Time (Trueman);

Highlights Day 2 -
An Overview of Networked Music (Kim-Boyle);
Playing the Network (Caceres / Renaud);

Highlights Day 3 -

Do Mobile Phones Dream of Electric Orchestras? (Wang / Essl / Penttinen);
Composing and Computers: A Hopeful Traveller's Report (Wishart)

Highlights Day 4 -
Investigating Artistic Potential of the Dream Interface: The Aural Painting (Bukvic / Gracanin / Quek)
Textural Composition: Implementation of an Intermediary Aesthetic (Hagan)

Highlights Day 5 -

The Enigma of Vitruvian Resonating Vases and the Relevance of the Concept for Today (Godman)
What Is An Event? The Event Schema, Circumstances, Metaphor And Gist (Kendal)


Lauren said...

Wow - they sound like some hefty subjects!

Sounds like there's so much to take in - hope you're able to retain some of it.

Best of luck with your presentation on Friday!

Sebastian Tomczak said...

Hi Lauren!

Yeah its been great fun.

And thanks for wishing me good luck.

Scott said...

Good luck Seb, sounds intense but fun at the same time!

Martin said...

OMG Wishart!

It's good to see a couple of network music presentations mentioned here too :)

Take care

Sebastian Tomczak said...

Hi Martin!

Hope you're going well :)

Sebastian Tomczak said...

Hi Scott!

Thanks for the comment