Saturday, August 02, 2008

genM Sound Editor and Tuning the Sega Genesis / Mega Drive

Today I have been working on tuning the Sega Genesis. I tuned it by ear, because the values given in the data sheet are not correct at all.

I have also made a small application called the genM Sound Editor that allows direct control of almost all synthesis parameters of the Genesis / Megadrive's YM2612 via MIDI CC messages. It features a 16-preset bank function, where instrument settings can be saved. Bank files can then be written to hard disk. The current preset per voice can also be loaded via sending MIDI CC messages to the application, allowing for a distinction between sequencing MIDI data and controlling instrument settings.

Here is a screen shot of the application:


Andrew said...

Hello! My friend and I are blossoming DJs and put a big focus on using vintage game hardware into our beats. I would love to try this out, and I haven't found something this nice looking for the Mac anywhere else. Thanks and keep up the good work!

email is ikuzobaba "AT"

Sebastian Tomczak said...

Hi Andrew,
Judging by your comment, I am not sure you fully understand what this application does -- it is simply a method for controlling the sound chip within a *real* sega mega drive or genesis system, if one has the right sega software and hardware.

At any rate, I'm sorry to inform you but this technology is not yet ready for public consumption.

It will be available at some stage, just not yet.

Kind regards,

Sebastian Tomczak

tjebbe said...

just seen your genm editor for mac just wanted to know
I currently had the idea of using the sega megadrive for use with my machinedrum sps-1 (live on stage) I want to control the sound within the megadrive through if its possible with your genm editor
now I read about the midi application but cannot find the chart or description how to make this midi connection on the megadrive can you help me out?

thankz Tjebbe
email :

Winnifred said...

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