Thursday, September 11, 2008

Custom LSDJ Kits

I have made a number of custom LSDJ kits:

Mario Paint: 29 samples from the SNES program spread across two kits.

Street Fighter 2: 17 samples in 6 kits, including the announcer's voice, insert credit, "Tiger Uppercut", "Sonic Boom" and of course "Hadouken!".

Street Fighter Alpha: 34 Samples in 4 kits, including cursor movement, game start, generic punches, kicks and blocks, and a kit each for Ryu (eg. "Shinkuu Hadouken!"), Ken (eg. "Shinryuken!"), Chun-Li (eg. "Gomene!") and Charlie (eg. "Too Easy!").

Star Trek: The Next Generation: A set of 5 samples in 2 kits, including some computer commands, a photon torpedo, a red alert and Picard's "Engage!".


10k said...

soooo goood.

Sebastian Tomczak said...


Anonymous said...

oops, i thought that these kits are for using inside ni battery!
could you please create a little library of LSDJ samples anywhen?

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