Friday, September 12, 2008

multiWave Sample Synth

Today i have been working on my multiWave sample synth. It's a Max/MSP patch that loads a single sample, and has eight 'partials' that make up each voice of an eight-voice polyphonic sample-based synth.

The user can control the attack, decay, sample ratio, fine tune ratio, sample starting point, and volume of each partial. The loop length of the sample section is set on a global level.

The sample synth responds to MIDI note messages, where velocity sets the overall volume for a given voice and 14-bit bend messages, with a bend range of +/- 12 semitones.

The ratio, fine tune, sample start point and volume can all be controlled via MIDI control messages, allows for a relatively high degree of control from a sequencer or whatever.

This sample synth really explores two ideas; how to make a wide variety of sounds from a single sample source (one of my favourite things to explore), and how an interface can encourage the idea of 'searching' for a certain sound - no numerical data values are given in the interface at all, it is up to the user to experiment and find a suitable sound.


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