Monday, September 08, 2008

Sega Mega Drive MIDI Interface Update

I have added some new features to the Sega Mega Drive / Genesis MIDI Interface.

I have updated the pitch bend routine, which now boasts a maximum resolution of 1.5625 cents (according to the math I'm using - the actual pitch resolution on a machine is not as fine). The user can also set the pitch bend amount, from 0 to 7 semitones using MIDI control messages.

I have added a polyphonic mode handler, the (de)activation of which can be set via MIDI control messages. This is not quite there yet, though.


athleos said...

Awesome! how about the Master System? i'm very excited!

lloydmilligan said...

Sweet, do you plan on releasing the source of this soon? thanks

Sebastian Tomczak said...

@ athleos: everything is moving slowly forward, don't worry.

@ lloydmilligan: not at this stage, cheers.