Thursday, April 30, 2009

B00daw's 72hour Challenge!

From this thread:

B00daw says:
"Let's let the big boys and girls have a turn to be really challenged and learn something.

What differenciates between a normal 42HC and a 72HAC is the means of which the composition is made or with what types of media it's made. Conventional chips or trackers are discouraged in order to present an educational and challenging, obstacle-ridden goal to the already skilled hacker/musician.

Can you hac it?


For the first challenge, I call out little-scale.

I 72HAC you to create a ~5 minute song using a single TIA and two additional mixing tracks; three tracks in all. One track must solely be the TIA and its two channels. The other two tracks can only be YOUR vocals or generated vocals. I will set no limit to what can be done with the vocals. Extreme manipulation is encouraged. However, the TIA track must remain pure. As an added but unnecessary goal, please try to make the overall melodies of the TIA sensical. (We both know it's possible... but challenging. ;D)

little-scale do you accept the 72 Hour Advanced Challenge?"

Yes, I have accepted.

My Atari 2600 interface is in pieces, but I can rebuild, I have the technology...

It has begun!


Brian Green said...

cant wait to see how this turns out.