Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Audio Effects as Visual Effects

This is a follow on from a previous post, where I described a Max/MSP patch I had made in order to use visual effects as audio effects. Naturally, the same patch can be used the other way around - ie. an image can be loaded and turned into audio, after which audio effects are applied and then turned back into an image.

For example, in the following two sets of six images, the top left image is the original and the others have been affected using audio effects.


Anonymous said...

I actually did a presentation on this back in 1997. I've still got the CDROM (which I should upload) with the Director 5 exe on it. I approached it somewhat differently because (from memory) I split my 24 bit image into seperate R/G/B images and applied the audio filters to each seperatly. Some cool results - very different to these. You should try the hiss and noise reduction based filters - by far my favorite ;-) I started writing "vst vision", a PSD plug-in that could access vst plugs and shove image data though them but like most experiments, I got bored reading the SDK and never got past making a UI.

bob said...

any thoughts as to getting this running with video? video and stomp boxes...mmmmm.