Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Carl Testa: Uncertainty

I have needed some new music to get me going, to inspire me. I feel like I've been listening to the same music for too long, it's been stagnating my mind, my thoughts. I'm sure that the majority of the readers of this blog now this feeling as well.

Along came my salvation in the form of Carl Testa's 'Uncertainty' album, his debut recording as improvisation ensemble leader. This set of ten tracks features sparse instrumentation and improvisation that results in music at times delicate and at others brutal. In terms of orchestration, the highlight was the varied and deliberate use of percussion of various kinds.

The highlight of the album is surely the track "Pull" - quite inspirational to say the least.

Everyone go out and get it: http://carltesta.net/uncertainty_CD.htm

Read more about Carl and his works: http://carltesta.net/about.htm