Sunday, May 31, 2009

little-scale: 20%

This release consists of what I consider to be some of the best tracks that I made during the "30 Songs in 30 Days Challenge". It was actually a very exhausting exercise.

If you can't be bothered listening to my output from the challenge, then this release is for you! The cover art photo is of one of my many elephants (I have an elephant collection).

1. Mr Functional (Track #12)
2. Fashionable Alchemy (Track #04)
3. Monsoon (Pre-demo) (Track #28)
4. The Swarm (48 Hour Challenge) (Track #16)
5. Baden-Powell Through Jungles (Track #07)
6. First Aid (Track #22)



Rei Yano said...

honestly I havent found time to listen to each and every one. I liked what I have heard of it all though. congrats on completing the challenge! hope you walk away from it with something learned. <3 the music Little Scale.

Dan Thompson said...

Hey Seb,

Love your blog and your music. I have added your 20% samples to my collection. Congratulations on your body of work so far. Very impressive.


Sebastian Tomczak said...

Thanks guys! @ Dan: Thanks for your comment, but I'm not really happy with 20%, but I guess that's the point of doing something like 30 Songs in 30 Days - to let go.