Thursday, June 11, 2009

Farewell de la Catessen

It is with some nostalgia and sorrow that I report about the de la Catessen Gallery. Luke Altmann has decided to shut the gallery as a music venue. It was a very important venue in the underground and experimental music scene in Adelaide, a place where like-minded people could meet and also the site of many exciting concerts and series. Of special importance to me was the Adelaide Festival of Unpopular Music, the Tyndall Assembly Concert Series, the concert for the Game Boy Australia 2007 Tour, the various milkcrate events and screenings and the Trianide Concert.

Thanks so much for all of the hard work that you put in to the scene, Luke. We really appreciate it. Also, thanks so much for the support that you have shown for Hidden Village - without you and the de la Catessen we would not even have existed as an ensemble.

More information about past de la Catessen events can be found in the archive.


Rei Yano said...

tragic... never been even to Australia but any place that supports the likes of milk crate or hidden village is absolutely an awesome organization. hope that you all find a new venue and all the support you need to move on from such an event!

freezedream said...

noooooo! I've only been there once but I thought it was a great venue. oh well... I even thought I'd like to play there someday - when I eventually get time to get a live act together... :/