Monday, July 06, 2009

Universal Programmer

I picked up another programmer in order to be able to program (M)27(C)32(A) and 16 bit devices.


David of Plogue said...

looks like a no name wilhem. ive lost SOO much time with one of those, just word of caution. YMMV

David of Plogue said...


Looks like one of those least expensive wilhem copies right? ive lost SOO much time with mine. YMMV

Sebastian Tomczak said...

Hi David,
Thanks for the warning! Do you have any advice apart from buying a new programmer? For example, it didn't come with any software, so is there something you would use with it?


freezedream said...

I have a willem programmer. an earlier model, I think and I have had no trouble with it at all. But I haven't tried to program many different types of chips. There should be a link to the software somewhere. Have a look on the willem programmer page or download the version I have from me here:

David of Plogue said...

I bought a USB type wilhem here:

So far i was able to burn the Following UV Eproms:


and also a winbond W27C512 (electrically erasable)

I was able to read a various roms of synths and carts.

However i STILL keep the cheap one for cross comparison for ROM dumps.

David of Plogue said...

Hum my cheap one did come with a software. can you tell me exactly what is written on the board? (the image doesn't have that level of precision)

10k@work said...

"Universal make programmers?"