Thursday, September 10, 2009

Sound Bytes 5 November 20 on Kickstarter

It's important to get onto this everyone. Even if you can't make it to the show, any amount that can be donated (from USD$1 upwards) would be much appreciated by all of the organisers and artists. Thanks so much for your support!

"4 gigs down, Soundbytes has brought some of Australia's most amazing chip artists to Melbourne, up til now, we've been putting the gigs on for more or less donations but with your help, we can put some extra money into our first birthday party on November 20, to make it the biggest and best gig to date. We are famous within the Oz chip scene for bringing together Australia's premiere chip artists, and putting on shows that people travel cross country to catch. Quite simply, if it's chip and it's in Australia, you can probably catch it at a Soundbytes gig.

We want to reward; not only the artists who have paid their own ways to play our past gigs by actually springing for their flights for this one, but you, our loyal fans, whether you've already discovered us or are yet to do so. Kickstarter enables us to give you guys some amazing goodies for your pledges, and best of all helps us put on the greatest gig we can, the way only we can.

We have locked in little-scale, dot.AY, Dr Dollar Dollar (AKA Cool Thomas) and for the first time at Soundbytes - cTrix and have organised a showing of 'Reformat the Planet' that you just can't see anywhere else - only available to Kickstarter backers. Stay tuned to this page for updates as they come to hand.

Please remember Aussies funding amounts are in US$ (hence the somewhat strange amounts!)

Many many thanks (more than we can possibly say) to C-trix for the amazing video, 2Player Productions for allowing us to screen their brilliant documentary, the artists, for not only agreeing to play the shows for nothing but for taking time off work and spending their own hard earned bucks to get to the shows, Geoffery Gifford for being out American partner so we can do a Kickstart and of course to you for coming to out gigs and hopefully pledging to ensure our continued survival!"