Sunday, April 03, 2011

TOP2007 EPROM Programmer Works Under Parallels 6

I've been looking for a way to run my TOP2007 USB EPROM programmer. My options were:

1) Run Bootcamp with Windows 7
2) Run a virtualisation of Windows XP
3) Use a physical Windows machine

Number (1) didn't work, because I have a 64-bit version of Windows on my Bootcamp partition. Number (3) seems impractical and not useful for the road. Up until recently, (2) didn't work under Parallels (I always had hardware connection errors upon launching TopWin 5). However, with Parallels 6 and the TopWin v.6 software, the programmer works very smoothly. So I just thought I would post about this here, just in case others have had this issue also.


mjbeisser said...

Ran into the same issue. Thanks for the workaround.