Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Cluster Chop (Max for Live Device): Updated (Feedback, Interpolation, Dry / Wet)

I've updated Cluster Chop - a Max for Live device. The following features have been added:
- Loop interpolation for a smoother sound
- Feedback control
- Separate dry and wet signal controls.

Grab the update here: http://milkcrate.com.au/_other/downloads/M4L/Cluster%20Chop/little-scale.Cluster%20Chop%2020110830.zip.zip


dontmarryme said...

HI, I've asked you question about 74HC595, Arduino, max/msp 2 years before, I am from Taiwan, maybe you don't remember me anm..but its okay!

May I know how install your max4live device? where do I put the file to? I have bought the full package of Ableton Live.

Btw, i start to make my stuff 2 years ago, thanks for inspiring me!
my blog:


Sebastian Tomczak said...

Thanks for your question!

I assume that you need to copy it to your Ableton library. Under OS X, this would be username > Library > Application Support > Ableton > Library > Presets > Audio Effects > Max Audio Effect