Sunday, September 04, 2011

Final Cut Pro X as Audio Glitcher

A Teensy board is programmed to be a "mouse". One switch moves the mouse to the right. The other switch moves the mouse to the left. The potentiometer sets the speed of the mouse movement. This "mouse' is then used to scrub audio in Final Cut Pro X.


Phase Axis said...

really awesome stuff man

Sebastian Tomczak said...

Thanks for watching!

n8bit said...

do you have documentation for this, I love this! I want to make one!

Sebastian Tomczak said...

Hi n8bit, with the teensy board, a button is connected to pins 0 and 1. A pot is connected to analog 0.

Here is the code:

void setup() {
pinMode(0, INPUT);
pinMode(1, INPUT);
digitalWrite(0, HIGH);
digitalWrite(1, HIGH);

void loop() {
if(digitalRead(0) == 0) {
Mouse.move(analogRead(0) >> 3, 0);

if(digitalRead(1) == 0) {
Mouse.move(0 - (analogRead(0) >> 3), 0);