Monday, September 26, 2011

This Is The Storm You Call Progress (Feat. Rosa Menkman) (Live)

Audio by little-scale. Video by Rosa Menkman.

Instrumentation: Ableton Live, Max/MSP, Launchpad, iPhone, Nanoloop for iPhone

Featuring "Most Likely You Go Your Way (And I'll Go Into the Tulgey Woods)" video by Rosa Menkman: - used with permission.

Title of this work is taken from: "Nova Roja Movies / Rosa Menkman - Collapse of PAL 2010-2011"

More details about Rosa and her inspiring work can be found here:

Inspired by the complex rhythms of Aphex Twin and the luscious sonic textures of Autechre, This Is The Storm You Call Progress combines localised field recordings and exasperated audio compression artefacts with smart phone music production. Although the work begins softly and gently, algorithmically-generated rhythms eventually underpin simple melodic and harmonic lines, whilst being engulfed in a thick envelope of ambient sound. As with some of the works in the current Saatchi exhibition, this piece touches upon issues of medium versus outcome.The (normally unwanted) sonic entities brought about by audio file compression formats are emphasised, extrapolated, extracted and processed. Incidental rhythms formed within these extractions are used and integrated into the work. Structurally, the performance consists of a mirrored form, growing from a single point to a large peak, and then subsiding over the course of the second half.

The video elements have been created by the glitch visualist Rosa Menkman, whose artistic work explores creative uses of video compression artefacts in performance and exhibition contexts. The visuals presented in this performance exploit playback failures within the aging Cinepak video codec. These failures are used to produce an outcome that deviates greatly from an input video source signal.

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