Tuesday, February 28, 2012

A Brief History Of Chipmusic by Thomas Gilmore

"Like many expanding niches, the strong undercurrent of chipmusic – a genre-agnostic approach to writing electronic music using long superseded consumer electronics – is starting to change what is happening on the surface of popular music."

Keep reading here: http://www.themusicnetwork.com/music-features/industry/2012/02/27/a-brief-history-of-chipmusic/


10k said...

Aw thanks dude!

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kid versus chemical said...

I like the "genre agnostic" reference. In a sense looking at chiptune as a method rather then a musical genre unto itself.

An interesting point for me is the parallels between chiptune and other production methods using antiquated gear and techniques. Like hiphop producers using an sp-1200 to get a certain sound despite very limited sampling spec versus modern computers and hardware samplers.

Or techno producers who use 303's and x0x drum machines etc. The list goes on and on with examples of musicians who use vintage gear and recording technology with very distinct limitations to get specific sounds. I think it's fascinating, whether it's gameboy, a Rhodes EP, a vintage strat with a tube amp, a 12-bit sampler, a minimoog, or a reel to reel tape recorder. It's all the same mindset.

I should mention my point is intended in reference to musicians in the last 10-20 years doing chiptune completely outside of video games.