Saturday, April 28, 2012

Max for Live Instrument: SampleRider

SampleRider is a Max for Live instrument that uses a user-defined sample as a table for an oscillator. Basically, a sinewave that is modulated by another sinewave sets the sample index for reading back sample points from the loaded sample. Frequency is set by incoming MIDI notes.

Velocity controls the volume of each note. The user can define other parameters (e.g. modulating oscillator amount and frequency). There are two main oscillators and two modulating oscillators. All timbral changes are created simply by reading back from the loaded sample at different points / in a different way.

Download here:



papernoise said...

tried to use this with v.5 Max for Live and it doesn't work... unfortunately I don't know enough about Max to fix it...

Duane Pitre said...


I am running Live 8.3.3 & M4L 5.1.9 ans I'm trying to use your Sample Rider. I've put Sample Rider in an Audio track and I've dragged my sample into the proper area, the visual wave representation shows up. I then send MIDI to the track, it shows that the track is receiving the MIDI...but no sound out of the Sample Rider (and I've moved all of the knobs around to test, especially the volume knob.

Any idea why it wouldn't be working?