Wednesday, May 02, 2012

Lossy Compression Until All Is Lost: Iterative MP3 Compression

A noise file is compressed to a low bitrate MP3. This process is repeated 80 times. Here is the result.


papernoise said...

Great experiment! I've tried that too some time ago, but somehow it didn't work out so well, I think the trick (which I didn't get) is to use very noisy material (or just noise as you have here).
I've done another example of the kinds using the time-stretch algorithm in Reaper, which is also quite lossy and introduces a lot of distortions in the spectrum of the sound. I've since removed the track from soundcloud but I've used the output from the experiment as samples to create a track for an album I've made. Actually it's quite interesting to produce samples by destroying the source material with very lossy digital algorithms. If you're interested, the album can be found here:, listen to track #2 from 0 to about 3'55"