Friday, January 25, 2013

GenMDM Firmware v102

Firmware v102 Version Information: 
* Native MIDI 5 pin DIN support via user-end hardware modification
* This is via the UART RX PIN, found on digital pin 7 of the Teensy board
* More cohesive handling of SSG-EG in terms of mapping - every OP and CH is catered for
* Storage and recall of 15 different RAM-based instruments for VERY quick instrument changes
* Reduced the sample storage ROM area by 2KB
* Simplified and restructured sample code and sample storage ROM area
* The current samples are just some 808 samples - looking to add user-assignable samples

GenMDM v102 Firmware update:

GenMDM v102 MIDI mapping text file:

GenMDM v102 Editor for OS X:

GenMDM v102 Editor Source Max Patches (for Cross Platform Use):

GenMDM v102 Max for Live Tools:

Firmware Update Tutorial: