Monday, January 14, 2013

nitro2k01 is Doing "One Gameboy Project Per Week" and Lives Up To Gameboy Genius Moniker

"I’m hereby announcing 2013 as the “one Gameboy project per week” year. This an idea I came up with during a discussion with Seb (little-scale) where I jokingly suggested it as an alternative to the usual “one song per week” type challenges. So, my challenge is to try to do some kind of Gameboy-related project each week. Some of them will be more practically useful projects, like music/noise making ROMs, while others, like this week, will be research projects that I’m doing out of my own curiosity. This week’s project was actually meant to be a different project, but I postponed doing it, and had to settle for a smaller project to have a finished project at the end of the week. (Off to a bad start already. tongue )

There's a big risk this whole project will fail somewhere along the way. If not for lack of motivation (most likely) then because of lack of ideas."

Week 1: More than four shades of green
Week 2: Mystery ROM
Inventive ideas are still welcome here: … srequests/


Incredible! Follow his work here!